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Born on August 23, 1984, in an alternative community in the mountains of southern Minas Gerais state in Brazil, where he still lives with twenty other families seeking a simple life with high thinking.Graduated in Physical Education, postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition and Health by UFLA - Federal University of Lavras, Brazil. And postgraduate degree in Yoga by FMU - United Metropolitan Colleges, course connected with the Lonavla Institute in India.
In addition to lectures and workshops on topics related to Pranic Consciousness, Yoga and veganism, he works as a facilitator of the '21 day Process’ in the Portal Parvati’s retreat, in Brazil. He is also author of the book Traveling in the Light.  He is Yoga teacher registered in the Yoga Alliance, and has gradueted from Yoga Schools in Brazil and India. Initiated by Swami Prakhashmayananda, from the Advaita thought.
With his family, he has researched and experienced the Pranic  Consciousness since 2001 when they underwent the '21 day Process'. Living in a community in Nature, the family has always opted for natural treatments, a vegetarian diet and the constant search for balance. Oberom together with his family has the objective of spiritual development through research of the Self, serving the whole, the Dharma and emanation of good vibrations, Love, Peace, Light... all around, the whole creative manifestation.
Oberom brings together some of his experiences with Vipassana, Yoga and studies about the development of the Higher Self, the I AM Presence. He transmits a simple message whose content is in essence only to be, leading the interested to reflections and principles that can help in achieving a more integrated and happy life. He has worked since 2003, with over two hundred lectures and workshops at events, holistic spaces and Yoga centers, between the countries of South America, North America, Europe and Asia.

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