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Neus is a Spanish biologist who, after finishing her Ph.D in Cellular Biology, decided to travel through Asia following her passion in Yoga and Massage. After practicing with teachers from all around the world and studying many forms of Yoga, she now integrates her knowledge into her own practice to bring union of body, mind and spirit: her inner peace.
During her time in Asia, Neus studied Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Zenthai Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang and Reflexology. Combining this knowledge with her biology foundation has given her a more holistic perspective of the human body. Going deeper into her interest for a healthy body, Neus is expanding her knowledge into nutrition and the holistic sciences.
At the present moment Neus is traveling around Europe and Asia, teaching Yoga and assisting Thai Yoga Massage courses. The inner wish to learn and to share, to understand the nature of life and to enlarge her knowledge from within brings her from place to place. When ever there is an opportunity to give treatments, Neus is happy to use her creative and intuitive way of work. With her loving and compassionate being, she combines the clean techniques and precision with her beautiful heart. Neus has always an open heart for everybody and if it is needed she is there for you with her selfless and generous 

My Presenters Sessions

Friday, July 22

10:30am CEST