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katharinalucia *yogaART*

KatharinaLucia is a painter, mama to Bastian Ananda, yogini, a world-traveller, and above all- a devotee to life.

A color-obsessed artist since her early days of childhood, she attended art school for five years and now enjoys inspiring other souls to manifest their most heartfelt visions and be in love with their lives.

Life itself, the beauty of existence, fascinating encounters with beautiful souls, and the wonders of nature are KatharinaLucias main inspirations.

The facets and nuances of love build the core of her work.

Through her art KatharinaLucia is creating her personal narrative. The messages in her paintings, sometimes hidden, sometimes right out front, are positive inspirations she both wants to spread and needs to hear herself.

KatharinaLucia lives a conscious life on the beautiful, green outskirts of Vienna/Austria with her love and her son, where they enjoy spending time with their friends and maintain a close connection to nature through frequent trips to wild places.