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ARTDETAT:It began to take shape under the sky of Barcelona in December 1998. In 2011 Art de Tat became a trademark, a pioneer brand in Spain (Barcelona) to develop and market this specific product line.Our products include a wide range where you can be found original work from artist Tat Estrada, as well as reproductions from his paintings applied  on different objects like: books, bags, jewelry, postcards, posters, T-shirts, magnets and many moreArtdeTat items are ideal for practitioners of Yoga and Meditation, as well for Reiki practitioners, and Vibrational Energy Therapy, Acupuncture, Feng Shui, Chromotherapy ...Also for people who love beauty and sensitivity ,who want to decorate their spaces with Chakras, Mandalas, Tree of Life or maybe  Yantras; even for someone who have his altar or “inspiring space”.We hope…these images evoke and facilitates them to feel a positive energy! Om Shanti!